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Learn ready-to-use killer business phrases and expressions for business meetings, presentations, negotiations, telephoning, networking, HR, management, socializing, sales & marketing, advertizing, business writing and many more.

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll learn hundreds of useful business English expressions every day
  • You’ll instantly improve English reading and conversation skills
  • You’ll get access to inspiring ideas, success stories and business tips
  • Great interactive articles followed up by an interactive English-to-English glossary and interactive exercises and videos designed for language learning

Our business English magazine:

  • Is geared toward professionals and entrepreneurs who speak English as a second language
  • Is designed for all professions, work skills, and industries
  • Covers a range of timely topics regarding the world of business

Whether you struggle with making conversation at networking events, communicating effectively on the telephone or representing your ideas in meetings and negotiations, our Business English Magazine can equip you with the language skills and professional business advice that you need to succeed. Get the upper hand and learn the English you really need for the world of business. Get the latest issue of our Business English Magazine today. The Upper Hand magazine is published on a bimonthly basis.

How to buy our business English magazine?

There are two ways of purchasing our business English magazine:

1. Through our site.

Pay only once and use our magazine on all your devices.


2. Through the App Store.

Pay once and use our magazine on your iPad or iPhone.


Our Business English Magazine is compatible with iOS, Android, and other mobile operating systems.

How to use our business English magazine?

While reading the magazine, you will find words and phrases in bold. If you click or tap on them, a pop-up window shows the English definition of that word or phrase. Each definition is edited for each article so that it suits the context. The articles are usually followed by interactive exercises and a glossary, which allows you to revise new vocabulary. Other interactive features include:

We’ve designed the magazine in such a way that you learn new words and expressions simply and effectively, anytime, anywhere. Don’t waste your precious time. Use every occasion to brush up on your business English skills. Learn business English everywhere and anytime.

Printing materials

You are allowed to print materials and use them for business purposes. However, you are not allowed to use modified versions of them for business purposes.


Filled with ideas

A definitive read for all those who's English is not the first language and want to improve their communication. Each issue is filled with notes and ideas of the dos and dont's. This is a well thought out publication.


Ottimi contenuti per lo studio dell’inglese, migliore di molti libri di testo: istruttivo e divertente correlato con esercizi molto utili!

Very informative

Excellent for learning English for business. Most of the English learning apps in market is for beginners but this is one of the few great ones for advance learners.

Superb magazine for business class people

I am impressed with first edition of this magazine. Good sources of business tips and has some motivational ideas as well. I recommend this.

Really helped me when looking for a job

Lots of info on diverse scale. Happy to learn business English as well. It has good content of business phrases.

Mir hilft's

Tolle App um Eindruck bei den englischen Geschäftspartnern zu hinterlassen. Danke.

Very practical!

Very practical and useful! I love the glossary part!


Finally something I've been looking for. I started using your phrases at work. Thanks!

Useful contents

Got this on recommendation of a work colleague who had good returns from putting the ideas from this magazine into action. I was pleasantly surprised at the contents aimed specifically at pros.


The content is insightful & interesting and delivers very good points on improving your English language in the world of business. Overall, a very useful and informative read.


Rivista perfetta per migliorare l’inglese, contenuti ottimi con una grafica curata e splendida! Consigliata!


Rivista perfetta per imparare l’inglese con letture istruttive, contenuti inspiratrici e divertenti! La Consiglio!

Simple and concise

Loved the simplicity of the UI, had no trouble navigating to different articles. The classification of news is also very helpful for my start up.

Outstanding app

Great complication of business English. Great for learning common business phrases as well.

Good magazine for young entrepreneurs

I like the content of effective communication.

Very useful app!

Especially when I am in airplane or subway. For me it is the best app revolving around business English and finance.



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